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Thread: Political Assylum

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    Political Assylum

    When I was in Dublin September 2015, just before they near fatally poisoned my food, I went to their consulate and applied for political asylum in light of the persecution I was (and still am) getting from the British Authorities. They refused on the grounds that I am an EU citizen and EU citizens apparently can't apply for asylum in other EU states. They also oddly told me I would be arrested if I went near the American or Canadian Embassies. What for I asked? No reply just poisoned food. Anyway I went and claimed assylum at the Russian Embassy, they told me I had to go claim at their Edinburgh Embassy. Turns out though they were just trying to get me back to the UK as a favour to the British Authorities. Why would the Russians be doing the Brits a favour with regards to me, now there is a good question?
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    Political Assylum

    The difference between a political ideology and a political culture is that

    the former deals with economic issues, the latter with sociological issues.

    the former deals with means, the latter with goals.

    the former deals with what government should do, the latter with how government should operate.

    the former deals with institutions, the latter with leadership.

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