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    am i to understand MPs have just created a law to block no deal? why are they allowed to create laws to suit a political agenda? i want a law created that says we leave the EU on 31 oct deal or no deal. if my law can be broken up at political will, then why cant the new law that blocks no deal also be broken at political will?

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    Re: blocking

    I guess it's because a majority of MP's voted for such a law including the 21 now sacked Tory MP's. We are just waiting for a general election now but I think remainer at heart Bojo has to go first.

    As long as blackmailed Royal Charles has influence over the Tories and his metaphorical bedfellow Blair has influence over Labour, it is always going to be a battle, I've been at this for over a decade now and still HM refuses to do the right thing and ditch her wayword son.
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