When living under such severe conditions as I am, you have to learn how to keep your emotions under control. You can't afford to get depressed or angry or these evil animals just take advantage and try to provoke you into starting a fight or whatever. Sure you can have private celebration if a minister or PM falls but you can't get too excited as senior Royals are not so easy to topple, never mind who dares wins my Moto is hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Anyway I was staying in a tent in a small forest just outside Perth for a long time as Perth is the place that I grew up and I have long term friends there. Anyway I was hoping maybe I would bump into some of my friends despite everywhere being cordoned off when I head for the town. After a few months you start to think that your mates are not bothering about me as they must know where I am. Anyway I was getting my food from an out of town Tesco's so I didn't have to go into town too often. Every time I approached the supermarket they would activate a bell, like a school bell plus a blue light, like you get on a panda car only it was on the supermarket wall. Every time I approached they would set it off and as soon as I passed they would switch it off. It is amazing how you get used to stuff, it became part of my routine seeing the blue light and hearing the bell as I approached the shop. So one day I was going to the shop for essentials and I could not hear the bell or see the blue light as I approached and I thought that's strange. When I arrived I saw that someone had thrown a brick through Tesco's plate glass, now that was the one of occasion that I just couldn't control my emotions, the tears were streaming down my face as I instantly new that my mates were watching what was happening to me and didn't like what they were seeing (and hearing) Tesco never deployed their alarm again after that.