I am not normally one to blow my own trumpet but I know that not many people could cope with what I have been getting put through. The isolation, everywhere cordoned off if I go somewhere and no one allowed to talk to me without permission and instruction from the corrupt British Authorities. Being imprisoned either in a tent in a forest with guards disguised as joggers and cyclists patrolling the perimeter. Or under virtual house arrest in a council owned big brother house. Months isolated in a forest with no ability to have a wash. Near starvation due to severe intimidation on the way to and from the job centre, including intimidation by serving special forces. Severe intimidation inside the job centre including fire alarms activated, intimidation from resident security guy and having children paraded in front of me. General intimidation everywhere I go Joggers S Service people on bikes, people with red jackets deliberately getting in my way in shops and elsewhere. People trying to provoke me into starting a fight. Forced to sleep in a tent during consecutive winters, having your food poisoned at source, some that make you feel sick and generally unwell others that give you unbearable stomach pains all with the knowledge that you have no access to hospitals or the NHS.