Back in the late seventies when I was a teenager and before the demise of Lord Mountbatten, I used to get arrested every week under something called the Criminal Justice (Scotland) act, I cant remember if it was section 2 or 6, the other was Drink driving. Anyway under the clause of this act the police could arrest a suspect and hold him or her for up to 6 hours without charge. Now if during the six hours they wanted to question you about the alleged crime you got the right to have a solicitor present but if they did not question you they could still hold you for 6 hours while they carried out enquiries, meanwhile you had no right to see a solicitor. After six hours if no further action is instigated, they just release you. So for example I would be going about my lawful business and two policemen would come along arrest me under aforementioned act saying they suspect I may have broke into a shop or whatever. Then they would put put me in a cell for exactly 6 hours before saying they have completed there enquiries and it wasn't me that did it. Then a week later they would arrest me for another cock and bull story. This all stopped when Mountbatten allegedly met his fate (abdicated) It just shows how long my so called father has been directly or indirectly blackmailing these people and how long I have been suffering at the hands of blackmailed Royals and Politicians!