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on: May 31, 2020, 10:01:26 AM
Hi, my name is Ian Whannel and since (at least) 2009 I have been used by the corrupt and blackmailed British State to fix elections including the 2014 Scottish independence referendum and the 2016 EU referendum.

Prince Charles is being blackmailed over among other things the cold blooded murder of Princess Diana with some help from Blair and Sarcozy of France.after she found out about what he has been getting up to with his friend Jimmy Savile.

Problem is that it seems everyone is blackmailing him. Most dangerous of whom in my opinion are his Pro Israeli blackmailers but also China (Re the US spy plane they brought down), Ireland Re good Friday agreement (roadmap to Irish unification) and of course the Scottish Nationalists (Re Devolution under Labour and Indy ref under SNP) None of these events would have happened if Charles wasn't being blackmailed.

Unfortunately my father via some high powered friends he made during his National Service is also blackmailing Charles and using his extreme powers against me who he sees as illigitimate. Now the non blackmailed Royals IE the Queen and Prince William are using National Security powers that are designed to fix an election so that a blackmailed PM can be removed. Since 2009, thanks to me they have removed 3 prime ministers, one Scottish first minister, numerous other ministers, stopped the independence referendum and took the UK out of Europe against the will of Pro Israeli blackmailers (well almost).

Despite being an innocent bystander or really a victim in all this, everyone who is blackmailing Charles have concluded that the only way to defeat the non blackmailed Royals is to defeat their reasons for having national Security powers to use against them IE me.

Please read through my blog at to get an idea of some of the things that have been happening to me in real time over the last year or so.

Of course it has been happening a lot longer than that, since 2009 at this level and a long time before that at a less intense level, most of my life really I have been a victim of a blackmailed Royal or two., also have a look at @ianwhannel
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