Posting Rules

It is free to post an advert on this forum although we may introduce premium stickies if there is a demand.

You can post as many ads as you like but they must all be different, please don't repeatedly post the same ad.

There are image and video embed tags at the bottom of the editor.

Remember we are not responsible for any of the ads that members post and we do not profit from them in any way so any interaction with an advertiser is entirely at your own risk.

We will of course take down any posts that we believe are scams. Please don't hesitate to inform us publicly or privately about any concerns.

You can contact advertisers publicly by replying to their post, privately using the forum's private messaging system or directly if they leave contact information.


  • Links: You can also embed links using the icon at the bottom of the editor and the software will pick up meta data (title description image) from the site you are linking to. Links carry the REL=nofollow tag to discourage spammers and your link(s) must be relative to your advert. Posting spam links will get you banned.

    Edits: You can edit your listing for up to one hour after posting, after that you will need to ask a member of staff.

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