In The Beginning

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I left school aged 15 and three quarters with 8 O grades in my pocket. I know I could have went on to achieve A grades and University but my so called father was not feeding me, he did (as now) want me dead so what's the point in feeding me. Anyway I was small for my age only 5 foot 6 and as I was about to find out after I got a job had never tasted a cake or even a roll with ham. I only got minimal meal as a child and if I complained enough about being hungry, I either got a beating from him or a piece in jam from her.

I got a job as an apprentice auto electrician, thanks to my 8 O levels containing high grades for physics and maths. I soon earned the nickname 'mighty mouse' because of my small stature but above average strength. A qualified person (called a journeyman) told me to tighten a screw on the carcass of an HGV starter motor. This screw had to be really tight because it held the pole piece in position and if it comes loose would wreck the motor, so a device that clamps the carcass with a screwdriver that has a T bar to get it really tight. He said to me now just tighten it as tight as you can, because of your size you will never get it tight enough and I (he) would need to do the final tighten. Is that so? I thought, so I put all my strength into it and duly snapped the bolt, hence the nickname mighty mouse.

I soon realised that there was an issue, there were two guys oder than me, one a couple of years at eighteen was only slightly bigger than me but was acting aggressively towards me all the time as if spoiling for a fight, there was another (more dangerous) to me guy who was 21 years old and much bigger than me as well.

Anyway this was what 1977, I was a rocker and into Status Quo (still am) this other guy (the 18 YO) was IMO a real prick, he was one of these new wave guys that had long hair at one side and short on the other. I soon got fed up with his deliberate provocation and a conflict soon erupted, I was the underdog but already I had experience at self defence and some beatings by then as my so called father was hiring hit men, which is all this person was. Being bigger than me he lifted me off the ground in a bear hug and slammed my back against a wooden partition, totally winding me, I was vulnerable, I couldn't defend myself, so I blagged my way out of trouble, saying he was tough and I am not going to mess with him and all that sort of bullshit. As I got my breath back and he let down his guard with a really smug look on his face, I knocked him unconscious with a single punch. He never messed with me again as I was growing and putting on weight as I was now eating proper food.

The other older guy was now the danger, I could tell that he was wary of me after taking the other guy out but I could also tell that he was on a mission to do just that (take me out).

Then (no joke) a new Auto Electrician arrived from France (of all places) on work experience, a big guy in his late 20's who befriended me and the threat from the 21 year old guy was over.

I now (with hindsight) believe the French guy was put in there to protect me by the British State (probably the Queen) as bearing in mind back then my so called Father (and his friends) were blackmailing Mountbatten not Charles.

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