Exiled In Ireland

In early September 2015 after it became clear that I was going to be used by the non blackmailed Royals to facilitate Brexit on the grounds of National Security and against the will of the powerful pro Israeli blackmailers. A move that would also ultimately result in Prime Minister Cameron losing his job if I (and the non blackmailed Royals) were successful in fixing the upcoming election in favour of leave.

Once that became clear, I was tuffed out of my (council) house, totally dispossessed and left with only the clothes I was wearing. My long term partner was taken into custody of the State and I have not seen or heard from her since. I was homeless with the British security services breathing down my neck, manipulating and controlling everything I tried to do.

In the end it just got so ridiculous that I ended up getting a ferry to N Ireland and being persued by the security services all the way to Newry. I remember getting poisoned by a pasty I bought there, just an upset stomach.

So I crossed the border into Ireland and to my amazement, the Brits did not follow me, all the games stopped and the locals were all nice and friendly. After a couple of days though, I was still homeless and sleeping in my car, then three guys showed up claiming to be the land owner, where my car was parked, I knew by there line of questioning and by the fact one of them was clearly a senior officer compared to the other two who kept walking out of my earshot to update someone on his phone that these were in fact Irish State Security guys.

Things went downhill after that, I ended up in Dublin and all the same games as in the UK started again. eg I was in a car park and I was searching on a tablet I had for cheap B&B to stay in for a while, I looked in my wing mirror and this guy at the rear of my car was just staring at me via my wing mirror so I got out of my car and stood in front of him with my arms folded and just stared at him, then like something out of a Bond movie a woman appears out of nowhere, pretending to be his wife and leads him away to safety.

In Dublin I went to the Irish Authorities and applied for Political Assylum but was refused on the gounds that the UK is a fellow EU member. You see as I was being used to facilitate Brexit, that was not in Irelands interest, indeed they would have preferred if I was dead so Brexit can't happen. So I went across the road and bought a cooked meal from a Deli, took it back to my B&B and ate it. It was poisoned, I mean really bad, life threatening, sore stomach that spread to my chest making it almost impossible to breathe, unbearable pain, puking everywhere. Anyway eventually I recovered but over the next few days, after trying (but failing) to get to the continent as I had no passport I was left with little choice but to return to the UK where my tormentors were still waiting at the border.

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