Once Upon A Time

This nightmare for me has been going on for most of my life, even as a child. I was born unwanted and illegitimate, on my fathers side. They have a long standing rule of one son (called James) as many daughters as you like but no more sons. If the inevitable happens it's the grandfather's (Father's Father) who does the cot death thing but my mother was having none of that and persuaded my so called Father (her husband) to flee his home town and his Father. I ended up in Perth aged six months. Anyway it wasn't long before my Father came round to his father's way of thinking and I had to go. To make matters worse my so called father in 1958 (before I was born) was called up for national Service and ended up doing it with Ken Clarke, later to become MP and Gov Minister. Don't ask me who's blackmailing who, all I know is that in the 70's my Father (and his friends) were blackmailing Heath and MountBatten. This is just my opinion but based on a lot of experience, when Mountbatten was (supposedly) assassinated late 70's coincidentally my Father lost his bussines his big house and cars. I believe Prince Charles (with help from new PM Thatcher) was responsible for his downfall but my so called father and his friends were still blackmailing Heath and fucking fool Charles was committing all sorts of crimes thinking he's above the law. Mid 80's Charles gets blackmailed, and installs first of his stooges Major. Crucially my Father's blackmail friend Clarke also enters government. I have no proof of this but I believe that my father got one of his cough friends to leak the reason Prince Charles is being blackmailed to Princess Diana in revenge for bringing him down after MountBatten, triggering a chain of events that would lead directly to Diana's cold blooded murder at the hands of Charles, Blair and the French. In light of all that, it only seems right that I should now be helping William and Harry to bring down the people (including my so called Father) responsible for her death, even though it has put my own life, health and well being in grave danger.

Here I will be talking or chronicling events related to this that have been happening to me over the years and that are not included in my Blog.

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